Mural Gallery 2

Fauve Associates
Murals and Backdrops Years 1986-2000 (partial list)


Bo Jackson/Nike

L.A. Marathon "Year 2026"

Stage Deli
Century City

Stage Deli


70' X 100'
Oil on wall.
70' X 60'
Oil on wall.
25' X 400'
Oil on wall.
8' X 20',
8' X 12'
Oil on masonite
9' X 30'
Airbrush on Canvas
20' X 30'
Acrylic on muslin.
Downtown, L.A.

Going up!
(in-progress shot)

Hollywood & Vine

Gray shades
all mixed

Artist's meeting

Detailed rendering of the original Stage Deli location in New York.

Shot of artist in front
of mural as backdrop
(just for the fun of it)

Part of an array of painted
treatments for a retail store. On one side we created a series of faux windows looking out to one continuous imaginary landscape. The window frames received faux marble treatments. See pix to the right.

The full setting

Window treatment

Window treatment
In-Progress Behind the Scenes Pix:


Reebok/Kansas City


Babe Ruth

Dog n Plane


12' X 8'

100' X 70'
Oil on wall.

4' X 18'
Acrylic on w

20' X 35'
Acrylic, aged

9' X 35', Acrylic corrugated metal

70' X 40'
Oil on Wall

Original illustration by Brian Robley.
This was painted in 14 days for the Final Four in Kansas City, MO


Painted to look old for a TV commercial.


Second mural for Angelyne at Hollywood and Vine. The first was 1989- by Fauve/Larks.

Angelene stopped by often to say hi and direct the course of the painting. She always came with her cute stuffed animal- and her pink Corvette!

The drawing.

The paints mixed.

Aerial view.

Hamming it up with
finished work.

Rico Marco

Agua Dulce



Sebastian Intl.

Garden Path


30' x 52' Acrylic

35' x 35'
Acrylic on corrugated


4' X 18'
Acrylic on w

20' X 35'
Acrylic, aged

5' X 9'
Airbrush on canvas

8' X 10'

20' x 12' Acrylic on ceiling

Faded 50's-style
plane and desert.
Cindy Crawford stood in
frontof this mural
for a TV commercial


Murals with aged southwest theme.


This painted misty garden path opens up the view of the bath area from the bedroom.

Sonata Skin Care Salon, Sherman Oaks, CA. Interior ceiling mural, Humming Birds and Flower.

Minute Maid


L.A. Gear


Full Moon


Stormy Sky

14' X 48'
Oil on Canvas

8' X 16'
Oil on wood

100' X 70'
Oil on wall

25' X 60'
on wall

5' X 3'
Air brush on canvas
70' X 40'
Oil on Wall

40' X 60'
Acrylic on canvas

more of the right side detail






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Ramiro Fauve is an Argentine-born art director, designer, painter and musician known for the giant Nike murals such as the 70' X 60' Bo Jackson mural at Hollywood and Vine, and the 400'-long LA Marathon mural on the 1-10 freeway in Los Angeles. Fauve Associates creates branding and specialty creative projects for film, televison, companies, corporations and private.