The LA Marathon Mural "2026" took 3 months to paint due to the huge Northridge earthquake which took place the morning of our start date. The I-10 freeway collapsed in two places east and west of the mural making access to the site a daily 3-hour endeavor. The upside is the artists could walk out onto the world's busiest freeway to check out their work! It took approx. 60 gallons of paint and 3 coats of primer.

The mural was commissioned by the L.A. Marathon and designed by Ramiro Fauve. It depicts the Marathon in 2026, complete with anti-gravity elevated metro systems (they'll certainly figure that one out someday.) The design had to include downtown (City Hall is depicted at the center of the mural), Metro Rail, and the L.A. Marathon staff.

Fauve wanted to include the familiar L.A. landscape from East LA to the sea. He also included futuristic buildings, futuristic outfits, a flying saucer, a robot, and just outside the mural area at the far left, a lone seagull, as a kind of period to the piece.

The guy with the piercing blue eyes is in fact the president of the LA Marathon, Dr. William Burke- they really look like that! Friends and family were included towards the right.

Being a south-facing wall the mural has now faded extensively- so enjoy the pictures. Attempts at funding for the graffiti repair is ongoing. Fauve in working with teen organization Inside Out in seeking the funding and working together on the creation of a new mural in order to promote teen self-esteem and artistic expression.

Fauve was assisted by Juan Fernandez and Natasha Ward, and others.